We hail from Tennessee, the endless plains and rolling hills run deep in our music. We sing songs of freedom and love. We make music to bring people together to share and embrace the sunset limited, to help you escape from the petty paced seconds and minutes that inevitably count us all down. We hope you enjoy what we have to offer, we have been doing it for many a sunrises and hope to do it for many more. The Django Riders are a blues/folk rock band that consists of singer/songwriter and former Oblivious Humans front man Jay Cathcart. On lead guitar is Tim Cathcart who early in his career spent time opening for the likes of Merle Haggard & Janie Fricke and perfecting his craft. The drums are left to none other than the multi talented Josh Gentry who has spent his days playing with many different rock bands and church groups. Bass player Chuck Radin has been playing and touring with his self titled band Radin for some time and continues to expand and add to our music.


People & Places | Sumner Choice

We have been nominated for Best Local Musicians in the 2014 Toast Of Sumner County. Thanks so much to the Tennessean and our wonderful fans. Now click the link below and get your sexy butts to voting! 

Interview with The Django Riders - MusicTree Fest 2014 #MTF14

Recently did an interview with Middle Tennessee Music about our upcoming performance at the 3rd Annual MusicTree: A Festival of the Arts. The festival will be held the week before Bonnaroo in Manchester, TN. This will be the 3rd year the Pre-Bonnaroo festival has taken place, we have been fortunate enough to attend the first 2 and this will be our third. Check out the interview and come on out and see us. Will let everyone know exact time when we get our time slot. 

Through life experience we find peace in songs we never knew the meaning to.

Jay Cathcart - The Django Riders

Playing at the 2nd Annual New Kid Fest. It is a great event for suicide awareness and we honored each year to play it!

Had an amazing time playing for our hometown and the vets, they sure know how to support their local music. Thank you Portland, TN we shall meet again September 21st at the New Kid Fest.

Set list for our show tonight at The American Legion, can’t wait to play for the vets!

Set list for our show tonight at The American Legion, can’t wait to play for the vets!

We had a blast playing for the vets at The American Legion.

We had a blast playing for the vets at The American Legion.

Performing for the vets at the American Legion in Portland, TN.

Had the privilege of performing with a great guitarists last night. We will be adding Dav to more shows in the future.


We have just gotten over the 1,000 like hill, thanks so much to all you groovy people who helped us out. Let’s make 2,000 much easier!

Went to visit our bass player Chuck, he was editing some music so we decided to sneak in and give him a surprise.

The Django Riders performing their song “The Fold” with Freight Train (Keb Mo’s harmonica player), Richard Trest, and Jack Boucher. The night was filled with great musicians and even better people.

The Django Riders – Fever EP

Performing and recording for our live album our song “Temperature Crazy” at The Limelight in NAshville, TN.

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We are hard at work getting our new page up and running, keep checking in for tons of coll stuff.